Monday, June 11, 2012

Asteroid Field in 3D

A really fun 3D anaglyph for those of you with Red/Blue glasses!  Kinda makes you want to fire up the plasma blasters, doesn't it?

Very soon I'm going to be making up some custom 3D glasses to give out as business cards, with a QR code and url linking to my 3D portfolio (more can be see at

And here's a shot of the 9x12 ink drawing... brush pen on bristol board with white ink detailing.  For the time being, the original is available in my store.


  1. Very cool! Wish I still had my glasses so I could really appreciate the effect, but I like your line work on the asteroids and the composition. :)

  2. Nice. You've got a very rocky, asteroidy texture happening there!

  3. really nice. brought a smile to my face.

  4. This almost looks 3D without the glasses! Amazing work and an ideal concept. I have no idea how you did this!