Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TentaSkull / Cthulhu Drawing

This is a little more death metal than my typical work, but actually quite in line with my influences.  I listen to a lot of really aggressive, rhythmic metal music in the studio, and also follow a number of artist who work primarily doing band art commissions.  Guys like Grindesign, Godmachine, and Jonathan Bergeron (aka Johnny Crap) are versed in pen and ink, like myself, but either work completely in photoshop or at least do their finishing touches digitally.  This was a fully inked 9x12 drawing which I then finalized in Photoshop.

I'm working on integrating limited color into my line art to give it some extra oomph and accessibility... can I say that about a skull design?

In any case, I'm planning some limited edition screen prints and tee shirts based on the one-color version of this design.  Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, there are digital prints available on my Etsy shop.

Art Prints in Archival Sleeves

I've just stocked up on archival, resealable sleeves and backing boards to better present and distribute art prints through my Etsy Art Shop and fairs/shows.  I'm pretty excited about the slick new presentation, and ready to get them out into the world!  I'm also sneaking a random bonus print on the back of every piece (shhh!).

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jim Moriarty Portrait Illustration

I love the BBC's modern day version of 'Sherlock'... largely due to their brilliant and hilariously menacing version of evil mastermind Jim Moriarty as played by Andrew Scott.  

I thought I'd try my brush-pen hand at a quick caricature, so I looked at dozens of reference photographs and drew my own (it's always better to form your own version of a subject than slave yourself to or infringe on the copyright of a particular photograph).  

I put the original drawing up on Etsy for kicks as well.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Skull on Plaid

In keeping with my effort to stay loose and lively, here's another whimsical skull in brush pen.  Isn't he fashionable on plaid?  I pulled out a gray prismacolor marker to help push the pattern back a little.  This would have taken me a few extra hours if I'd done it with a technical pen, but I'm thinking once I get the hang of this brush stuff it'll be great to blend the tools together... using brush for the fat and flowing outlines and pen for fine detail and hatching.  Lot's to play with there!

On a side note, as a metal fan I'm well aware of how cliche skull art is... yet that allure is always there!  Must be some kind of primal fascination in us.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pocket Brush Fun

My Pentel Pocket Brush continues to be fun to work with on quick whimsical sketches.  I'm starting to get a feel for what it's capable of and how to control it better.  I'll look forward to coming back to these to compare after I've gotten another 10 or 20 hours under my belt.  Most notably, getting those instant fat outlines that would otherwise have taken me 10 times longer to get with a fine-tip pen... those are really fun.

Mammoth Drawings with Brush Pen

This small set of mammoth drawings had me using a brush pen, ranging from 10 to 20 minutes each.  It's certainly a lot faster than working with technical pen!

I've owned a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for well over a year, but never spent much serious time with it.  Thanks to a nudge from an illustrator friend, I decided it was time I started making a more concerted effort to get comfortable and confident with a brush.  

I've been very focused on pencils, technical pens and ballpoints and tend to think of myself as a pen guy deep down.  But with my commitment to black and white illustrations, it's important to be flexible and well-versed with a brush as well.  In the interest of a loose and lively line quality with some really beautiful line weights, these brush pens really are an awesome tool!