Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ethical Pricing for Freelance Illustration & Art Licensing

Hi all, a bit of a cautionary post about sites that offer to resell your images in publication or other media... 

I've noticed quite a few artists posting their work on GetBookCover at ridiculously low prices, and wanted to warn everyone that you should read the fine print and price well above the site's recommended prices if you're going to sell the rights to one of your images on a site like this.  In this case they retain rights to reprint the image indefinitely without any further payment to you--- **across any additional media platforms!!  They also take 35% of your sale.  This particular site encourages all artists to post their images for sale at $300. That sounds like a lot as a struggling artist right?  Well, those rights should be earning you more along the lines of the site's maximum $4000 price, **Especially** if they retain the rights for all further editions, be it in print, e-book, etc.  Also, at the time of writing this post, this particular site does not credit the images to the original artist.  In that sense, it's not offering any worthwhile exposure even if you were to price your images at the maximum price.

The Graphic Artist Guild's guide to pricing and ethical guidelines is a book that every creative freelance professional should consider picking up as a reference if you're unsure about an image's value for various uses. It's published annually, and while it generally sets the prices a little higher than we can reasonably expect, it's an invaluable resource and the standard for freelance artists. As creative professionals we need to be careful about pricing our work too low, which devalues both our work individually and our industry at large. Don't undervalue yourselves!

Graphic Artist Guild's Guide to Pricing and Ethical Guidelines

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