Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pressure-Sensitive iPad Stylus

I don't normally post about tech gear, but I'm really excited about the upcoming JaJa pressure-sensitive ipad stylus on Kickstarter.  I just pledged $80 for a 2-pack and replacement nibs for about the price of one, as it will eventually retail.  These ship out in April and will integrate with the well-regarded ProCreate app, essentially giving us the Wacom Cintiq solution we've been looking for in portable form on the iPad.  I've been fiddling with the Wacom Bamboo stylus, but this sounds like the thing I've been hoping for instead.

I'll spare you a full-blown summary of all of it's features, but two programmable buttons and airplane mode functionality (bypassing wifi and bluetooth through high pitched frequencies) make this a really exciting option for artists on the go.  Anyone out there with an iPad who's been salivating over a Cintiq might want to look into this....


  1. I have a Wacom Bamboo (I don't remember the exact model), but I don't use it often. I know a lot of photographers who prefer using it when working in Photoshop . . . I seem to have some problems with having to re-set it each time I use it, so it's been collecting a little dust.

  2. Jessica! I suspect you're using the Bamboo tablet that plugs into your computer, which confusingly is named the same as the iPad stylus that they sell. I have an ancient Graphire model myself, and still use it when doing photoshop / illustrator work. It definitely beats a mouse. I wonder, if you go to the Wacom website you could most likely download a newer driver that would fix your trouble with calibration. Try this link and see if that helps http://www.wacom.com/CustomerCare/Drivers.aspx